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Mick's Electric Inc, 1304 Oregon Street, Suite #1, Rapid City SD 57701

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Mick's Electric Safety Tips

Mick's Electric Inc, 1304 Oregon Street, Suite #1, Rapid City SD 57701
(605)348-2335 ~ (605)394-9343fax

During the typical year, home electrical problems account for 67,800 fires and $868 million in property loss.  Most electrical fires are caused by problems with faulty electrical outlets and old wiring.  (source:U.S. Fire Administration)

Safety Check!

  • Inspect panel box and check condition of all connections.
  • Inspect blinking lights and warm face plates.
  • Inspect sizzling or buzzing from outlets.
  • Check quality of exposed wiring.
  • Check for proper use of extension cords and power strips.
  • Check for required arc fault protection.
  • Check for presence and proper placement of smoke alarms and test each alarm.
  • Check for required ground fault protection and test each GFCI receptacle and circuit breaker.
  • Check for carbon monoxide detectors and test each detector.
  • Check for appropriate surge protection.
  • Check if electrical service capacity is adequate for present and future demands.

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