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Connected Living through Caseta Wireless

Set the scene
Control multiple lights together, at different levels. Dim some and brighten others. Save your favorite scenes.
Set the mood
Dim your lights to relax, watch a movie, or entertain friends. You can do it from anywhere in a room.
Need inspiration?
Whether you are just starting out or adding to your Caséta set up, explore how you can use Caséta in different rooms throughout your home with the Caséta Advisor.

Make your dumb house smart!

  Its summer, 95 degrees outside, and you're about to leave home. As you leave your house, the lights dim slowly and eventually turn off. You step out the door, and lock it. Inside, you can hear the air condition come to a stop. You are half way to work and start to wonder if you left the coffee pot on, but don't think twice about it, as the appliance is running an automated check right now to ensure it's off. 
  This kind of smart home system is already possible. All kinds of small appliances, light bulbs, door sensors, and other home products can automatically turn on and off when triggered by certain actions. Smart homes make life more comfortable, and they're typically designed to be power-efficient, which could save you money!
If you're interested in taking your home from dumb to smart, how/where do you start? 

These are just a couple of products and ideas of where to start in upgrading your home to a smart home. The skies the limit when it comes to technology. Give Mick's a call 605-348-2335 to schedule a consultation to go over smart solutions for your home: Thermostats, Dimmers, Switches, Bulbs, Plugs, Vacancy Sensors, etc...

Lutron Lighting Controls

Dimmers: The more you dim the more you save. Save even more with the C L Dimmers when used with dimmable compact fluorescent and LED bulbs. Learn more about dimmers and bulbs: 
Sensors: Lutron Sensors automatically turn off lights when room is unoccupied.  Learn more about vacancy sensors: