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Generac Automatic Standby Home Generators

Be Prepared ... Plan Ahead!

Portable Generator

Hail storms, floods, high winds and blizzards can all contribute to downed power lines, loss of power for days, or even weeks depending on your location. Loss of heating systems in the middle of winter or air conditioning in the summer months could be life threatening situations for ill or elderly citizens. You can make an investment for your home, family and/or business by purchasing a basic power generator, to protect you from the hazards and inconveniences of power outages.

A loss of electricity to your home after a storm means no lights, no garage door opener, no power for the refrigerator, appliances, computers and more. Can you live with that?

Being prepared means planning ahead with a whole house backup generator. They're quiet, and powerful enough to run everything in your home and they even turn on automatically when you're away.

Our technicians at Mick's Electric Inc. in Rapid City are trained in the latest technology to recommend, install and maintain your whole house standby generators.

That's why we're called, 'the local generator experts'.

Automatic Standby Generators

Generac Standby generators are installed and configured to start either manually or automatically. When a power outage occurs, and switch the electrical load from the utility company over to the standby generator. Standby generators are typically larger units that provide ample power to run your home's critical appliances, keep the lights on and, if the power output is large enough, supply power to your entire home. Standby generators run on various fuel sources. (These include: Natural Gas, Unleaded Fuel, Propane, or Diesel Fuel.)  [Eaton Automatic Standby Generator] They are usually placed on a pad outside with the necessary feed wires and load switch gear entering the side of the house your electrical panel receives power from.

  • Power your entire home or business
  • Protect your valuable appliances
  • Automatically turn on 24/7
  • Units are quiet                   

Financing Available at Mick's Electric Inc. in Rapid City 

Mick's Electric Inc. in Rapid City SD generators

A portable generator usually requires set-up, including the physical connection to whatever load needs service, [Portable Generator]  and must be started manually. The main difference between generators is power delivery and run time. Portable generators will normally be capable of supplying only the minimum power necessary to survive a power outage and be capable of three to seven hours of run time on one tank of fuel as compared to a standby generator that is designed for three days of continuous operation. Although, portable generators do have advantages over standby generators. Advantages: The portable type have versatility and can be used to go camping, or in rural areas where there is no source of power available, such as for farmers and ranchers. They also take less space for storage, cost less to maintain, and are more fuel efficient. Portable generators are also quieter than the larger standby types.

Regardless of the generator you buy, be sure to read and follow the manufacturer's installation instructions. The installation of a standby generator does require a building and electrical permit.
Do not install or use generators near outside vents, under or near windows or doors of your home, they give off deadly carbon monoxide exhaust gas.
Remember! Just because your heat is gas powered, it is useless without electricity powering the blower fan.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before purchasing a generator:
1. What type of generator do you need?

  • Standby
  • Portable

2. What type of engine would you prefer?

  • Natural Gas
  • Propane
  • Diesel
  • Gasoline

3. How much power in Kw Do you need?

  • 1-14 kW
  • 15-29 kW
  • 30-49kW
  • 50 or more